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This forum has been replaced by the feedback forum at http://emusictheory.uservoice.com. It is closed to new posts but kept online for old discussions. 
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by Admin
5,243 1 04/22/2005 08:40PM
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Interval identification by ear drills

by Claudette
5,247 1 11/14/2010 09:26AM
Last Post by Claudette

Piano Keys Drill

by Janet
5,137 3 07/26/2010 05:51PM
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by Amy
5,152 3 05/14/2010 04:59PM
Last Post by Admin

scales and chord tuturial with a timer

by Shereece Porter
5,296 1 08/09/2009 05:25PM
Last Post by Shereece Porter

Guitar frets

by Adam S.
4,911 2 04/13/2009 10:34PM
Last Post by Adam S.


by Veronica
5,719 1 01/23/2009 06:57PM
Last Post by Veronica

Student groups

by Admin
4,951 5 08/21/2008 06:16PM
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by leegordo
5,039 2 04/21/2008 03:54PM
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Student best effort score

by evelyn champion
6,599 2 04/21/2008 03:48PM
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by Jay Nelson
8,081 6 03/02/2008 07:46AM
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by cavaleria
4,922 5 01/22/2008 02:05PM
Last Post by Admin

italian terms

by Cheryl Graham
5,010 2 01/22/2008 01:57PM
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by Leesa
5,443 1 06/19/2007 09:41AM
Last Post by Leesa

sounds for rhythmic dictation

by Phil Halladay
5,014 2 05/06/2007 01:08PM
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by adam
5,076 2 11/16/2005 04:13PM
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