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Music Theory Questions and Answers

Don't understand seventh chords? Need some tricks for learning key signatures? Post your questions here, or see if you can answer someone else's question. 
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Anti-spam: blocking links

by Admin
2,531 4 06/04/2018 01:41AM
Last Post by Acohar

Remove "h.t.t.p://" from URL to upload image directly to your post

by fluo2005
2,405 5 12/28/2016 08:20PM
Last Post by Athair

Syllabic counting help

by meru94
1,559 4 11/14/2021 12:29AM
Last Post by ashish2903

The enhanced and bitonal musical staffs and piano keyboard

by fluo2005
505 1 10/06/2021 05:27PM
Last Post by fluo2005

Near-Equal Temperament

by andonoff
182 1 08/04/2021 06:13AM
Last Post by andonoff

Base 12 - the octave as foundation for the study of prime numbers

by fluo2005
2,408 3 06/26/2021 05:19PM
Last Post by fluo2005

Music Notation [1 to the left of harmonic 2nd notes on staff

by MzMusicTheory
148 1 06/08/2021 07:05PM
Last Post by MzMusicTheory

Identifying mistakes in the four-part writing examples

by MightyOwl87
206 2 05/20/2021 08:55PM
Last Post by Athair

Common Time and Cut Time

by evo
181 2 05/20/2021 08:53PM
Last Post by Athair

Why do we only have Major and Minor keys?

by evo
578 4 04/10/2021 11:49AM
Last Post by Jenks

I-III chord progression

by Athair
284 1 03/15/2021 01:00PM
Last Post by Athair

New Scale, not based on the Octave

by arithmo
294 2 02/04/2021 07:21PM
Last Post by arithmo

Analysis of Rock and Roll

by MaryCrown
852 2 01/19/2021 03:34AM
Last Post by authenticlifecare

Harmonies progression that crashes. What to change?

by pshehooi
423 2 10/31/2020 10:14AM
Last Post by Athair

Need your help!

by 87Levin
450 1 10/11/2020 02:08AM
Last Post by 87Levin

Autumn leaves music sheet

by Athair
489 3 09/16/2020 08:52AM
Last Post by Athair

Grade 8 Music Theory Question

by EdB123
568 3 07/13/2020 04:19AM
Last Post by EdB123

How does a tonic get established in a melody?

by YoungCapone
595 4 07/09/2020 02:21AM
Last Post by emilyalvin

Chord Scale

by evo
578 2 06/22/2020 12:50PM
Last Post by Athair

Apache Theory Question

by RockMan
652 2 04/22/2020 05:37PM
Last Post by Athair

An italo-disco song from the 80's

by nicolas2019alcubo
1,084 9 02/14/2020 03:52PM
Last Post by nicolas2019alcubo

What key signatures are these songs in?

by nicolas2019alcubo
897 6 12/29/2019 11:21AM
Last Post by Athair


by bdowning27
927 2 12/21/2019 11:06AM
Last Post by Athair

Chromatic Melody Harmonization

by adam furay
3,720 9 12/18/2019 02:16PM
Last Post by bdowning27

Jazz Chord Progressions

by jazzchordprogressions
915 1 12/02/2019 11:28PM
Last Post by jazzchordprogressions

Chord Naming 6ths 13ths, What's the difference?

by ohdearme
914 3 11/26/2019 04:05AM
Last Post by ohdearme

Haydn's Piano Sonata XVI:45 in Eb Major

by ALoverlyTale
886 2 11/01/2019 10:43AM
Last Post by Athair

There are 12 notes in an Octave,so why call it an octave?

by ohdearme
1,392 12 10/13/2019 11:05AM
Last Post by avancandoms

Music is Passion, How Can I Manage With Study?

by MichaelVettori
1,086 2 09/20/2019 01:18AM
Last Post by Ashleejean

Is Locrian even usable?

by caters
1,018 2 09/03/2019 09:56PM
Last Post by Green

Understanding Blues Theory

by Rex Hamilton III
2,511 7 09/03/2019 09:38PM
Last Post by Green

Naming/Identifying 13th Chords

by ohdearme
981 2 08/25/2019 12:56AM
Last Post by Athair