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Music Theory Questions and Answers

Don't understand seventh chords? Need some tricks for learning key signatures? Post your questions here, or see if you can answer someone else's question. 
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Re: subdivsions of notes and time signatures

by Karen
405 2 10/04/2016 03:30PM
Last Post by stevel

Scale/Progression Identification

by benyamind
542 4 09/30/2016 01:43PM
Last Post by stevel

The new version of music program for experiments with new structure of musical note

by yvilen
464 3 09/22/2016 06:46AM
Last Post by yvilen

Need help!

by Music noob91
535 3 09/17/2016 09:47PM
Last Post by Athair

Chord progression doubt

by nintendoalvaro
603 3 09/10/2016 01:50PM
Last Post by nintendoalvaro

Sharing my music theory based YouTube channel

by dkulma
521 3 09/03/2016 06:43AM
Last Post by dkulma

Composers styles

by oboemarie
548 4 08/31/2016 12:50PM
Last Post by stevel

Rhythm terms and determining correct tempo / BPM

by guitarguy
448 2 08/31/2016 12:46PM
Last Post by stevel

Labels for Quartal/Quintal Harmonies; Early 20th Century Music Analysis

by angryowl
4,036 13 08/29/2016 05:20PM
Last Post by stevel

How do these key signatures relate?

by Alex
673 7 08/26/2016 12:02AM
Last Post by Fretsource

Half note + an eighth notation ?

by uncle808us
541 4 08/21/2016 09:43PM
Last Post by uncle808us

Blue Train - John Coltrane

by louiscrisp
539 6 08/17/2016 10:25AM
Last Post by Fretsource

Music theory Learning plan.

by Jeso92
739 11 08/16/2016 05:52PM
Last Post by guitarguy

Great video on how to use the Circle of 5ths

by hbthorne2
538 1 08/12/2016 10:07PM
Last Post by hbthorne2

Learning about harmony and improving chord vocabulary on guitar

by gibsonlp87
628 1 08/10/2016 03:30AM
Last Post by gibsonlp87

Further modal questions

by guitarguy
1,750 9 08/06/2016 06:01PM
Last Post by stevel

Two Questions not related. Altered tensions and chord progression.

by evo
466 2 08/06/2016 10:04AM
Last Post by stevel

What is the limit to chord borrowing for progressions?

by dazedconfuzed
661 4 08/02/2016 10:39AM
Last Post by dazedconfuzed

Cha Cha Loco - Key?

by louiscrisp
576 4 07/28/2016 02:32PM
Last Post by stevel

Missing Black notes

by Graham Foxall
756 5 07/28/2016 01:42PM
Last Post by dazedconfuzed

lead sheet help

by jjmc12
622 3 07/28/2016 01:19PM
Last Post by dazedconfuzed

How to apply modes

by Indigo79
693 9 07/28/2016 01:03PM
Last Post by dazedconfuzed

4 part horn writing suggestions

by Lisztener87
572 3 07/27/2016 09:51AM
Last Post by Lisztener87

Chromatic Chord Progressions and Part Writing

by Lisztener87
874 10 07/25/2016 04:32PM
Last Post by Lisztener87

What is this chord?

by Rece
699 14 07/23/2016 07:40PM
Last Post by Rece

classics' progressions

by guitarguy
701 9 07/23/2016 11:25AM
Last Post by stevel

Musical clefs

by Yo94
529 3 07/23/2016 11:14AM
Last Post by stevel

help with chord sequence

by spaceanimals
550 8 07/22/2016 09:25PM
Last Post by stevel

Simple Substitution - Help please

by rvn
520 3 07/20/2016 03:57PM
Last Post by rvn

Proper flagging in 6/8 time

by praytothestars
567 3 07/19/2016 05:47PM
Last Post by praytothestars