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Music Theory Questions and Answers

Don't understand seventh chords? Need some tricks for learning key signatures? Post your questions here, or see if you can answer someone else's question. 
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Special Note (Half Note & 16th note mix)

by scherz0
5,906 5 07/29/2008 05:24PM
Last Post by scherz0

Song Structure Question.. Im confused =(

by thenear1send
5,524 6 07/13/2008 10:33PM
Last Post by shaun


by LCDenominator
3,561 3 07/12/2008 03:50AM
Last Post by LCDenominator

Music and modernism

by Adam Keefe
2,713 2 07/01/2008 01:57PM
Last Post by stevel


by nicole
2,641 2 06/26/2008 06:40PM
Last Post by stevel

issues with audio.

by concerned user
2,619 4 06/08/2008 07:32PM
Last Post by aholmes

5th grade Tenor sax pieces/ sax pieces

by narnie
3,532 3 06/08/2008 02:57PM
Last Post by darthvader4000


by miquel
2,688 2 06/05/2008 10:21AM
Last Post by stevel

Time Signatures

by LessThanJ
5,375 2 05/29/2008 09:35PM
Last Post by stevel


by mrjameseatsdogs
4,286 5 05/28/2008 01:04PM
Last Post by mrjameseatsdogs

Secondary Triads

by bluecandyo16
14,518 2 05/08/2008 07:33PM
Last Post by stevel


by Jo
2,930 2 05/06/2008 09:59PM
Last Post by stevel

how to solo over chords

by michael
3,190 2 05/06/2008 09:41PM
Last Post by stevel

Dream Theater, Meshuggah, Between the Buried and Me, Tony MacAlpine..etc

by pettromeloomis
3,025 7 03/29/2008 05:43PM
Last Post by jesse


by help me
5,318 2 03/22/2008 12:17PM
Last Post by stevel

What Chords go with tritones and how are they used

by Denzel Cox
4,773 4 03/12/2008 02:45PM
Last Post by stevel

Please help me measure measures!

by PrivateDog
4,002 3 03/08/2008 01:33AM
Last Post by PrivateDog

Relative Time signatures

by The Professor
5,400 5 03/04/2008 10:17AM
Last Post by stevel

The importance of common time

by Diana
3,142 4 03/04/2008 09:54AM
Last Post by stevel

ONE MORE key signature question...

by BrkatifNYs
2,917 5 03/02/2008 07:27AM
Last Post by leegordo

equal temperament

by Jud
2,860 5 02/19/2008 05:43PM
Last Post by Jud


by Music
2,715 2 02/17/2008 11:21AM
Last Post by stevel

Chord progressions to practice modes with

by Dan
6,638 3 02/14/2008 02:14PM
Last Post by stevel

free learning tool for the circle of fifths

by circleoffifths
2,796 3 02/12/2008 05:01AM
Last Post by Jud Watkins

Help me out here.

by Jdub
4,134 6 01/30/2008 02:09PM
Last Post by anthony

drops of jupitor

by rob
3,780 4 01/25/2008 03:25PM
Last Post by anthony

Inverted triads

by BrkatifNYs
3,931 5 01/04/2008 04:31PM
Last Post by Anthony

How long is a sharp or a flat in effect?

by drjohntom
4,014 4 12/18/2007 07:59AM
Last Post by leegordo


by Hattie
2,663 4 12/18/2007 05:56AM
Last Post by leegordo

Half steps/Keys continued

by BrkatifNYs
2,613 4 12/17/2007 05:47AM
Last Post by leegordo