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Posted by Amy 
August 13, 2009 08:46PM
I'm interested in more information about the site. Is there a way to see the students' view of the assignments that I can already view on the teacher's trial site? Also, are there games on the site? If there are links, I guess I missed them even after a while of searching. Thanks for your resources!
Re: trial
March 09, 2010 06:35PM
EMusicTheory has been reorganized a bit to help find things, though I also plan to make some videos to help new teachers find their way around the site.

For reference, there's a demo teacher account with is fully functional but resets every night:
username: teacher
password: music

The students you create there are also valid accounts -- so try setting up a student, then signing out of your teacher account and signing in as the student.

Re: trial
May 14, 2010 04:59PM
An update to this: now there's a new feature in the teacher interface to make it super-easy to make sure your students are seeing what you want them to.

Open any student group page (listing the students), and look for the link "sign in as" for any student. That's immediately take you to the student's interface as that student, so you can check their list of assignments, etc..

You're still ALSO signed in as yourself, so in the orange bar you'll see links to go to the student's home page, or the teacher's home page, and you can click a sign-out link for just the student account to close that session.

It's a little more complicated to explain than to just use it -- try it out and you'll see!

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