Cheryl Graham
italian terms
November 27, 2007 07:01PM
I just subscribed last week. A friend from Frederick Harris suggested this site to me. I am in Canada and teach the Royal Conservatory of Music examination program. I would love to see a section with Italian Terms, maybe matching up the meaning with the term, or multiple choice, and then a harder level where the student types in the italian term. It wouldn't work so good for the student to write in the meaning, as there are so many variances here that could all be correct.
I think your market would increase incredibly if you could line up theory with RCM theory exams. Have a section in each topic, ex. Triads, RCM Preliminary Rudiment Exam questions, etc. What a boost this would be for extra practices before the exam and after to keep up on material and go to next level etc.

Students are loving it so far. We had a snow day last week and I had a couple students miss their lesson so I had a chance to check out your website and sign up. I haven't even seen all the students yet to tell them about it, but the students and parents so far seem quite excited about it!
Cheryl Graham
Re: italian terms
January 22, 2008 01:57PM
Hi, Cheryl!
I'm thinking over adding a "general" drills -- where you can enter the questions and answers yourself.

It could be multiple choice -- but the choices would be different each time (it would provide a random selection of answers to the other questions).

The downside of this drill is that there's much more work involved for the teacher to set it up. On the plus side, once you've set it up once you can keep using it, and you have complete control over what questions are asked!

Anyone, let me know if this would be a good thing!

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