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Using MIDI input on Apple OS X (for standalone software)

Posted by Admin 
Using MIDI input on Apple OS X (for standalone software)
January 27, 2009 03:43PM
UPDATE: Apple's latest version of the Java software finally has proper MIDI support -- so if you installed any of the extensions to get MIDI input working, you should REMOVE them from your /Library/Java/Extensions/ folder now, because they may cause your software to freeze.


Note: this notice is for people who have purchased the eMusicTheory downloadable software and want to use MIDI input on Mac OS X. The free online drills don't (yet) support MIDI input.

Apple's version of Java for Intel-based Macs (any Mac made in the past few years) has a problem with MIDI input. Fortunately, there's a little extension that you can install that will fix this problem:

Download the file (mmj.zip), open it, and open the "mmj" folder.
Then drag the two files:
into this folder:
and you should be all set!

You can post any related questions to this thread for more info.

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