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Posted by dave 
November 01, 2005 10:10AM
I see a lot of posts commenting on the various drills. Where are these drills? All I have is the forum with people talking about the drills.
Re: drills?
November 05, 2005 11:35PM
Good point -- I should put a link from this forum back to the main website.
For now, here you go:


Then you should explore the links under "Everyone" on the left to find the drills (and more).

Woody Stewart
Re: drills?
January 22, 2006 06:57AM
I remember using a "typing tutor" years ago and was looking for something like that on the web when I ran across your site a few months ago. I used the note reading drills and really liked them.

I recently bought a keyboard with MIDI capability which has a USB cable to connect to the computer. I saw on your forum that the Aug 05 upgrades add, via MIDI, the capability to use a keyboard with the drills. Did I read this correctly? I would be able to use my electronic keyboard to run the note reading drills and not use the computer mouse? I've asked around if anyone knew of a software package that would give me this capability but didn't get any suggestions. My music teacher at the college didn't know of anything either and gave me a "why would you want that" look when I asked. I'm sure he meant that I can just practice, practice, practice and he's right. But, if I can make that practice time more productive then that's a good thing.

I would be very happy to pay for this ability and think I saw how to purchase the software but can't find the screen now (been up all night and I'm scrambled).

Can you verify that this software can do what I'm looking for and how to order it.

Thanks and I've really enjoyed the site.


Re: drills?
January 22, 2006 08:23PM
Hi, Woody!
To be fair, I know there's other software out there that will let you do music theory drills with MIDI input -- try searching on Google for "music theory MIDI software" or something like that. "Practica Musica" by Ars Nova Software is one that's been around for a long time and has a ton of drills (on the other hand, it's $100 for the standard edition).

The software I'm selling isn't as big (for now, it's basically just the drills you see online), but yes, it does support MIDI input for many of the drills. The most obvious example is the Piano Key Drill: in that one you'd just play the note on your MIDI keyboard instead of clicking the onscreen keyboard. You can use the Note Reading and Speed Reading drills also -- for example, hit any "C" when you see a C on the staff.

The eMusicTheory software is $12, which includes free upgrades for a year (I'm working now on adding a high scores screen to it, plus when I have new drills for the website I also add them to the software). To read more about it, go to the home page, [www.emusictheory.com], and click on "Software *NEW*", the last link under "Everyone" on the left.

Thanks for the feedback, and I hope this helps you out!
Re: drills?
March 15, 2006 11:00AM
Nice web site. I just found it the other day. My question is regarding the rhythm drills. Can I add my own patterns?... Or could you have your user base contribute patterns? If it is not too difficult to enter for you, it would build a greater and ever evolving tool for us music educators.
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