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Melodic dictation

Posted by Katie 
Melodic dictation
November 10, 2005 02:28PM
It would also be really neat to have some sort of melodic dictation exercise since this is also one that it is hard to practice on your own. If you could just hear a melody once or twice and then see the answer, that would be enough, because it would be easier and more educational to actaully write the answer down on paper and pencil and check it against the correct response (instead of entering it over the internet like the rythmic dictation exercise)
Re: Melodic dictation
November 15, 2005 10:38PM
Hi -
I had been holding off on doing melodic dictation (though I agree that would be great to have) because of technical problems I ran into with the rhythm drills. It's quite difficult to get reliable playback on older computers, especially when you *need* reliable timing.

Fortunately, I think I've finally worked out a solution to this problem -- we'll see; I'm still in research phase -- but if so I will put melodic dictation on my list.

Your suggestion about writing down the answers, then checking your own answer makes sense. It's harder to remember what you just heard while you're fiddling around with buttons and clicking in the right place, right? For now, I think I'll leave this the way it is, but I may mention in the instructions that having staff paper next to your computer may be helpful (then you can either click "Give up" to see the answer, or enter your answer to have it checked).

Thanks for the feedback!
Re: Melodic dictation
September 01, 2010 11:37PM

If you do implement melodic dictation, which is one of the two remaining features I'd like to see before subscribing, make it like the other drills: a test-like environment in which I can get hint, but also get credit for correct answers. And, as a starting point, perhaps you could implement melodic dictation without rhythm, as in "notate the succession of pitches you hear without concern for rhythmic organization." (In addition to melodic dictation, I'd like to see more sophisticated rhythmic examples.)
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