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Note Names

Posted by bob 
Note Names
July 21, 2009 07:17AM
I am trying to associate note SOUNDS with note NAMES, but the Note Names drills is not helping.

Reason is, as soon as I click on the name of the note, the program, displays the NEXT note while playing the tone for the PREVIOUS note.

So now, instead of associating the note with the correct position on the staff, I wind up associating the tone with some random note.

It's all very confusing :(

My suggestion is this: don't display the next note until the tone has finished playing. Even then, wait a second so that my poor brain has time to associate the tone with the correct note.

The current setup is fine for someone who is trying to see how many notes can be identified in the shortest amount of time, but for someone who is disparately trying to learn note, it is useless.

You can make everybody happy by adding a delay parameter to the setup screen.

Thank you,

-- bob
Re: Note Names
October 06, 2009 09:09AM
you could have it play the sound of the note as the note comes on screen, like: appear>piiiiiiiing<, click, new note appears>piiiiiiiiiing<
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