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Ledger lines

Posted by jjorgensen 
Ledger lines
September 26, 2009 12:19PM
I would like to see higher treble clef ledger lines to drill reading in the upper part of the violin e string. It could be a more advanced setting on the notes on the staff drill.
David Dunning
Re: Ledger lines
September 09, 2010 08:47AM
I would also like to see the ability for a teacher to select higher or lower ledger lines in any clef. Perhaps in selecting the notes to test allow the teacher to decide if they will show up in the bass clef staff (with ledger lines) or in treble clef. I'd like my trombonists to be tested on their high F, F#, G, etc., in their upper register, but right now these notes show up in the treble staff.
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