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use of metronome

Posted by Lisa Bradshaw 
Lisa Bradshaw
use of metronome
February 13, 2006 05:25AM
It would be very helpful to have a chart of metronome markings correlated with ALL the note duration values. I have been searching the internet and cannot find anything. All only say HOW they vary, but never what their specific relationships ARE. ie. if you have 60 beats per minute, what would 1/8 note be; how does 4 beats per minute at 60 (metronome marking) relate to sixteenth notes; what would the correlative metronome mark be, if you wanted to set it to practice a different approach to the piece? ie. in 2/4 time pay attention to the quarter notes( thus set the metronome to THAT beat), or pay attention to the sixteenth notes (and have the metronome at THE same tempo but focussing on a different note value (say sixteenth notes, or 32nd notes).
Also, I would like a sophisticated explanation of learning how to count medium-complicated music. I am working on the sixteenth and thirty-second notes in Mozart's K330, which at first seem not so complicated, but perfecting the rhythm and the ability to count it properly is elusive. All the theory notes on this start at the beginning and maybe go to a second level, then drop it.
Re: use of metronome
April 10, 2006 01:38PM
I saw your request, and I had just found an excellent web site to answer
your question about setting your metronome.

Go to:
It gives you the settings for signatures, and also
settings for the different kinds of music, blues,swing, tango, etc.

I hope this helps you, like it helped me.

All so take a look at :

lisa Bradshaw
Re: use of metronome
July 28, 2006 01:37PM
Thanks, they were interesting sites + had useful recommendations, which I can use. However, mine was more of a mathematical question. If i play my Mozart piece which uses both simple and compound meters, and is written in 2/4 time, at 86mm for an eighth note, WHAT should be the corresponding mm mark if i now want to play at the same tempo, but paying attention to the quarter note??? This gets me to play the piece with the actual downbeat correctly, and soulnds more musical, than counting the 1and2and, which puts in additional hitch, not such a good propulsion.
What should be the mm mark if I want to set it for the triplets which sometimes come at 12 to the measure ( 2 sets for each quarter note)?
What I want to know is: How does the metronome work mathematically? If I take a tempo at 60mm, is 120 mm twice as fast exactly? Thanks for your help! Lisa
Re: use of metronome
July 30, 2006 03:17PM
Hi, Lisa --
The number in a metronome marking is BPM, "beats per minute". So if you have a metronome marking of 60, that means exactly one beat per second (and you can check that against the second hand on a clock). 120 will be 2 beats per second, exactly twice as fast. 30 means a beat every two seconds. And so on.

If you have a metronome marking of 60 for quarter notes, but want the metronome to mark eighth note triplets (3 fit in each quarter note), you want a metronome marking that's 3 times as fast -- that would be 180. If you want to play the quarter notes at half-speed, you can set the metronome from 60 to 30.

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