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Guitar Drills

Posted by Kevin 
Guitar Drills
July 13, 2005 12:04AM
Some ideas:

1. I love the Guitar Note Reading drill, however it would prove beneficial to have in the settings section an option to choose the starting fret. In other words, right now on can only quiz themselves up to the fifth fret. How about broadening the drill to include quizzing up to the 12th fret.

2. It would be awesome to have interval drills for the guitar.
For example: the drill displays the X interval and asks for the Y interval above or below which shares the same root as the X interval. The image of the guitar displays the X interval and it is the job of the user to click on the Y interval on the guitar image.

3. A further degree to the interval drill for the guitar could include creating chords when provided with one of the interval locations in the chord.
For example: The user is provided with the location of the 5th of a dom7 chord. It is the job of the user to click the spots on the image of the guitar fretboard for the root, 3rd, and b7.
In this drill the chord being quizzed can be random and can be controlled and isolated within the setting menu. The number of intervals of the chord, in the example above the interval provided being the 5th, can also change. So perhaps the drill will display the root and the b7 of the dom7 chord and the user has to click on the spot where the 3rd and 5th are located.

4. Another chord drill for the guitar could display the intervals of a chord type and it is the users job to recognize the chord type. A lot of what guitar playing involves is memorization and recognition of chord shapes. If the chord shape is quizzed, as long as the user knows the chord type of the shape displayed and as long as they know where the root of the shap is they will be set for great things.

I can definitely come up with more ideas for drills for the guitar and other aspects of music theory if you feel that these would prove beneficial. I certainly do, as a guitarist and a lover of all forms of music.

Re: Guitar Drills
August 04, 2005 11:14PM
Hi, Kevin --
One of my plans is to update the drills so that you could do any of the drills using any input method you wanted -- you could pick the piano keyboard, the guitar fretboard, another instrument, an attached MIDI instrument, etc.. That would answer some of your requests, I think.

Some of the other additions will probably have to wait for a while -- right now I'm finishing up some upgrades for teachers plus adding MIDI support to the downloadable drill; the next step will be some new drills for parts of music theory that I'm not covering yet, especially chord functions and counterpoint.

I do need to get back to the guitar drill before too long though -- someone pointed out to me that the notes are all an octave high!

Thanks for the great feedback!
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