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Double input row on paced note reading

Posted by DeCato 
Double input row on paced note reading
May 27, 2006 03:53AM

I want to get better sightreading peaces for piano, and the paced note reading drill is the way to go for me. As it requires no software I usually practice them on my laptop when I have some spare time.
When I do paced note reading at a fast pace (>80 - a fast pace is required to be aple to sightread piano pieces) the problem for me is not just recognising the notes on time but more often getting the mouse on the correct button in time, most common when I have to move a large distance (B to C for instance - FYI I play using DO RE MI).

I have this problem with a normal mouse but this is even worse as I am using the touchpad of the laptop.

I know there is no easy solution, but I think something like a second reversed input bar below the actual one would help.

So we would have :


Going from C to B would than just mean a small movement. In fact any note combination would just mean a small movement.

I know this is a very special case and the chance of getting it implemented is small, but still that's what would help me the most.

Thanks again for your great website!

Kind Regards,
Re: Double input row on paced note reading
June 15, 2006 09:40PM
Hi --
Here's a tip that might help -- you can also enter your answers using the computer keyboard. If you're a good typist, that's the fastest way to do it.

Just type the letter ("c", "d", "e", etc.), or if you're using "do re mi" buttons, type the first letter of the note -- so type "d" for do, "r" for re, and so on. The only exception is if you're using "do re me fa so la SI" as the buttons -- then there are two "s" buttons, so you'd have to type "i" for si.

Hope this helps!
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