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Drills on Pocket PC

Posted by Rob Braiden 
Rob Braiden
Drills on Pocket PC
July 04, 2006 11:39PM
When I first saw this site I though how brilliant the drills were for getting to grips with the Bass clef. What I would really would like is the ability to practice on the move using my IPAQ pocket PC. As it stands the operating system on the IPQ (Pocket PC 2003) does not support JAVA so I can't download the drills to it. Is there any chance of getting a version to work on PDA's?
Re: Drills on Pocket PC
July 25, 2006 09:46PM
I've looked into adapting the drills for various PDAs, and so far it has seemed like the best approach is to wait -- PDA capabilities are advancing in leaps and bounds, and it seems like rewriting the drills in a new language (the best option right now) isn't worth the trouble if I can only make small changes later to enable handheld support.

Re: Drills on Pocket PC
September 16, 2007 02:14PM
I was hoping for something similar. I don't have a pda or pocket pc (not sure what the difference is, really). I just have a cell phone, but it does support java programs. Music drills would be a mighty handy way to pass the time on the subway.

I have been diddling a bit with a music composition program on it. (The phone, by the way is a muziq for sprint). Funny little toy. You choose the pitches and note values and it gives you options of instrument and "stlye".
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