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Keyboard skills

Posted by HBeckwith 
Keyboard skills
October 26, 2007 11:20PM
Drills that apply theory to the keyboard without staff notation.
+ Play scales by name (F# major, C harmonic minor...)
+ Play chords by name (D, eb, g#o, Bb7, Em7...)
+ Play chords by function (C:V7, d:iv, B:viio, D:V/ii...)
+ Play inverted chords (F6, Eb:V6/5...)
+ Play chords by scale degree name -- student must know quality (G:dominant, eb:subdominant...)
Re: Keyboard skills
February 27, 2008 11:32AM
Being able to define certain keyboard keys to mimic certain mouseclicks would be useful in many exercises: in other words, "go on to next exercise" or something could be lowest C. It can be quite tedious to move your hands from (piano) keyboard to mouse or (computer) keyboard, depending on your setup.

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