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Sonata Allegro Form

Posted by walters 
Sonata Allegro Form
August 30, 2005 07:10PM


Theme#1 Tonic
Transition Modulates
Theme#2 Dominate or relative major or minor
Theme#3 Dominate or relative major or minor
(closing theme)

Contrasting Key relationships?
Contrasting Theme in different keys and modes?
3 contrasting theme sets?

Theme#2 take the orginal melody and contrast it to the dominate or relatative major or minor key ? isn't that moduating but they call it contrasting ?

I thought contrasting was theme#1 was the violin melody and theme#2 was contrast to another instrument?

Recapitulation: all themes return to the tonic key
Theme#1 Tonic
Transition No modulation
Theme#2 Tonic
Theme#3 Tonic

Codetta tonic with cadence

Coda- a Expanded cadence?

The recapitulation can have pivot chords?
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