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Question and Answer Phrasing basics

Posted by walters 
Question and Answer Phrasing basics
September 18, 2005 05:55PM

Question and Answering Phrasing basics:
How do i compose Question and Answering Phrases?

What are the Basics of doing Question and Answering Phrases?

I think the questioning Phrases doesn't end on the tonic but the dominant or another scale degree to make it unfinished to create tension

The Answering Phrase ends on the tonic to resolve
Re: Question and Answer Phrasing basics
September 25, 2005 11:41AM
That sounds about right. That's definitely a common way to do it.

You should look for one of the music theory textbooks that comes with a music CD of examples -- this is really the best way to learn, by listening to examples of each of the topics... the more examples the better.

Maybe some other readers will be able to mention good sources -- I don't have enough experience to help too much here with specifics. I know the Norton Recorded Anthology of Western Music will give you good coverage of styles in different time periods (with plenty of examples of the forms you're looking into; sonata, fugues, etc.) but it's not structured around the theory concepts.

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