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chordal seventh

Posted by Sarah 
chordal seventh
October 07, 2005 11:12PM
What exactly is a chordal seventh? And is it always different than the leading tone, or just sometimes?
Re: chordal seventh
October 11, 2005 11:07AM
Hello --
The "chordal seventh" is going to be different depending on the chord you're talking about -- I believe the "chordal" just tells you that you're in the context of a chord (instead of in the context of your key signature and scale).

So if you are building a V7 chord in C major, the leading tone in C major (the seventh scale degree) is B.

The "chordal seventh" for the V7 chord is F, since the V7 chord is G B D F. This note, the chordal seventh of the V7, is usually resolved down to the E (3rd scale degree) when V7 resolves to the tonic chord.

Does this help? If you are building a seventh chord based on the tonic chord in the scale, for example the major-major seventh C E G B, then the chordal seventh is the same as the leading tone for the scale.

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