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similarity and difference?

Posted by phoebe 
similarity and difference?
October 19, 2005 02:04PM
Dear Rob,
what other aspects can we compare between extracts which performed by two different instruments? I mean like Rhythm, Ornaments, dynamic?
Re: similarity and difference?
October 19, 2005 08:57PM
Hmmm... there are all kinds of things; it depends on what kind of think you're looking for. If you're comparing a second violin to a first violin part in the same piece of music, there'll be a lot more in common than, say, an Indian sitar solo vs. a Debussy piano work.

Even if you were only looking at dynamics you can look into overall dynamics but also range in dynamics (from the loudest sound to the softest sound), and how often there are dynamic changes, how abrupt or gradual they are, etc.

What else? Timbre differences (the kind of "feel" of the sound, including vibrato and just differences from the shape of the instrument plus way of playing). If you can analyse the pitches themselves, there's the range there from highest to lowest pitch, plus what part in the harmony that instrument is playing -- mostly 3rds in chords, or usually hitting the tonic at the end of a phrase, etc..

In rhythm you can listen for the time signature (like if it falls in 4 beat groups, or 3 beat groups), plus how fast the tempo is..

There's lots -- it varies depending on how much you've studied so you have the "words" to describe what you're hearing. Trust your ears, though -- maybe one extract seems to keep plodding along with no real stopping point, but the other definitely has separate sections where different things are happening. You can usually find some way to talk about things like this without knowing the terminology.

Good luck!
Re: similarity and difference?
October 20, 2005 01:20PM
Thanks alot Rob.
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