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help with music

Posted by mush 
help with music
October 28, 2005 08:11AM
i just realized i posted my question in the wrong area so.. iam going to put it here! ha! well, i was wondering if anyone can help a self taught musician about soloing... i dont know that much about music, but iam good at what i do and thats jamming. but as far as music goes, iam just begining to learn about reading sheet music in what not in school, and i know the notes on the fretboard, the names of chords, and thats about it really. but being self taught i just really dont know what to learn to make my self better at playing. i mean jammings fun, but it sucks when my band gets gigs and iam the only guitar player that dosent know how to solo... so yes, anyone who can give me a BIG step in the right direction as to what to do, please speak up.. all help is appreciated. thanks!
Re: help with music
November 02, 2005 11:18AM
It's a good idea to spend time learning music theory -- different kinds of scales, harmonic progressions, etc. -- but to keep yourself interested it can be very helpful to learn how to play solos from bands that you like (either figuring them out by ear, or using TAB and/or real sheet music). It's fun to do, plus it will help to keep you interested in the music theory, as you try to figure out how a solo you like actually "works" -- obviously it takes a lot more than just playing scales and arpeggios fast! As you learn more, you'll get a sense for the building blocks that other guitarists are using, and you can work from those to build original solos and experiment more.

There are of course lots of books about improv and soloing, and you can probably find websites that talk about solos in your particular interests, but I personally feel that you need to dig into playing something first, to whet your curiosity.

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