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Syllabic counting help

Posted by meru94 
Syllabic counting help
October 23, 2014 01:53AM
I know that syllabic counting is counted as ta-ah-ah-ah for a whole note count.

But what about this one ~> Li-ly met her ( 1 note for 1 syllable ).Is this also called syllabic counting or are there different terms for this ?
Re: Syllabic counting help
October 23, 2014 01:47PM
Never heard of it.

One note per syllable in music with lyrics is called syllabic.
More than one note per syllable in music with lyrics is called melismatic (though a melisma is usually mentioned in conjunction with a string of notes per one syllable, especially in Gregorian Chant).

Syllabic Counting sounds like something someone came up with that's not standardized - or at least I've never heard of it.

Most people (well, all people I've ever encountered) say "One Two Three Four" for music in Quadruple Meter. If they play a whole note, they count "One Two Three Four" in their heads, or say it out loud, or they at least will say "One" with the note being played and count under their breath "two three four" for the note's duration or for rests on those beats.

People will use "ta" or "la" for subdivisions, usually triplets, as in "one la le two la le" or "one ta te two ta te".

"Ta" implies an attack, and "ah" a new note, but not attacked, as in playing legato slurs on a wind instrument.

So if you were playing 4 16th notes with the first two slurred together, the player thinks "te ah ta ta" or "de-ya-da-da" and this also mimics the syllables they produce when their tongue hits the reed or whatever. Brass players also do it for double and triple tonguing with "ta ka" or for triplets, "ta ka ta ta ka ta", etc.

That's all called "articulation" and has nothing to do with lyrics or counting though.
Re: Syllabic counting help
October 24, 2014 09:34PM
Alright thank you.
Re: Syllabic counting help
November 14, 2021 12:29AM
if you count the syllables in an easy way then different sites are available to calculate syllables even in one two or more count or stress try syllablecounter.co

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