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Harmonic cadence

Posted by vlove 
Harmonic cadence
December 03, 2005 01:31PM
havin trouble with 4 part cadence, Perfect Authentic, Imperfect Authentic, Half, Phrygian Half, Plagal, Deceptive. I was told to eliminate the doulbling and I can see it but when the chord is inverted I have trouble seeing it. any Help?
Re: Harmonic cadence
December 05, 2005 10:57PM
The trick is to move the notes around in your head so they make a close-spaced chord -- root position, with just thirds stacked up. It *is* tricky to see at first glance when the notes are spaced out, and you can't even trust that the root will be in the bass!

With more practice, you'll start to just "recognize" the chords in their inversions (and some combinations are more common than others - and the doubled note is often a clue), but for now you can help yourself out with a pencil -- just scribble down the notes (for example A Eb C F), then figure out the order that makes stacks of thirds (A C Eb F? no... drop the F below... F A C Eb).

Then you'll know what you're dealing with.

fran famani
Re: Harmonic cadence
December 21, 2005 09:39AM
helo0 there..

somebody help me for this case ..in indonesia we have limited information about music so all i want is some body please give explanation about melodic or harmonic cadens..better its book that i can read in home..

thank before

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