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Terms: Passing notes

Posted by Gerald 
Terms: Passing notes
December 29, 2005 04:59PM

In the key of Cmaj, in a ii(Dm) V(G) I(C) progression, with a harmony line of E, (which would be a 9th in the Dm chord), C, (which would be a sus 4 in the C chord), and B, (which would be the major 7th in the C chord), could you call the middle note, the C, a passing note?

Re: Terms: Passing notes
January 11, 2006 08:03PM
Someone with more experience than I have in score analysis might be able to help more than I can... in the meantime, can you play the sequence out and listen for that line? That can help sometimes -- see what the note feels like.

It seems like that C would be anticipating the I chord... except that then it doesn't stick to the C, but drops down to the B.
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