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triplet values

Posted by tmchugojr 
triplet values
March 02, 2006 08:13PM
With 4/4 time can you please tell me the value of a triplet. the song I am playing for example has two triplets and a two quarter rests in the same measure and I can't seem to count it out right. The triplet looks like 3 eighth notes to me . tell me if i am wrong please.
Re: triplet values
March 03, 2006 08:36PM
To the best of my understanding the triplets in this case each take on the value of one beat (one-and)and the three notes equally share the time spread of that count. As I have been taught, the count of the measure would sound like this. One-and-uh Two-and-uh three four. The four portions of the measure would take up equal amounts of time meaning that each note of the triplet would play more quickly than if there were two eighth notes.
Re: triplet values
March 03, 2006 08:56PM
Thank you. This makes my measures add up.
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