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This is really too bad...

Posted by dramis 
This is really too bad...
November 19, 2016 05:01PM
Seeing Steve leave is a shame. This forum might not have been very busy, but it was more a matter of quality over quantity. I learned a lot about music here.

I don't know who manages or owns this forum, but it's hard to believe that no one can find some spam filter or some registration-based way to keep the idiots out... :(
Re: This is really too bad...
December 13, 2016 04:37AM
Hi; that would be me!

Though I've really not had the time at all to figure out a way to solve this problem....

Believe it or not, we do require registration, and there's a long list of blacklisted words that stops quite a bit of the junk, and there are various hurdles that spammers must jump through... but still they keep registering accounts and adding junk.

I'll need to find the time somehow to migrate this forum to some hosted service that is more nimble about spam defense; it's really pretty frightening how effective they are.

I do plan to keep the forums here online, though I may need to lock them down from new posts for a while until we have some hope of defending.

For right now I'm turning on all the defenses I have, including one that'll be annoying to regular users... blocking anyone from posting messages with links in them. This'll mean that if you want to link someone to, e.g., the youtube video for a song you're trying to analyse, you'll have to post the link without the "http" but at the start. But I'm really hoping this will at least make a dent in the junk, and can figure out a next step once we see what effect this has.

(Creator, eMusicTheory.com)
Re: This is really too bad...
December 21, 2016 02:26PM
Thanks for your reply Rob.

Having to enter a code as I just did will certainly help, unless bots can bypass this in some way?

You're right, I did register so I could post here a while ago. So bots can register also? That bit escapes me... I can't remember if I had to validate my registration upon receiving an email from you guys. I guess bots are also able to bypass that system...

Anyhow, at least you're working on it. And that url thing is a very minor irritant.

Thanks for your efforts Rob!
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