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Anti-spam: blocking links

Posted by Admin 
Anti-spam: blocking links
December 13, 2016 04:45AM
Apologies for this change, it's going to be annoying for regular posts as well.

But I'm blocking "http" entirely from posts, so if you (as a regular, non-spamming person) want to post a link to a resource somewhere online you'll need to drop the "http" bit from the start of the address, and it won't be a clickable link.

So instead of a full YouTube link, for example, do just this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7ZU3pxs8G4

...anyone who wants to see the link will need to paste that into a browser.

Yes, this is ridiculous, but I'm hoping the volume of junk will drop off, and give us more time to figure out a better solution.


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Re: Anti-spam: blocking links
December 25, 2016 05:32PM
It's all good if it means getting the forum back on track. I know you guys lament a lack of posts but I have so many questions and I only held back because I didn't want to swap the board but now that I know you want queries then I'll gladly throw all my questions your way.
Re: Anti-spam: blocking links
December 27, 2016 07:33AM
Removing "h.t.t.p://" from the URL to the picture you want to upload will allow the picture to be shown directly inside your post !!
Re: Anti-spam: blocking links
June 04, 2018 01:41AM
Good measure. But it would make much more sense if you'd add some captcha to registration or add some tricky questions related to music.

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