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converting 35 bass guitar chords to base 12 notation, then base 2 notation

Posted by fluo2005 
converting 35 bass guitar chords to base 12 notation, then base 2 notation
December 26, 2016 08:40PM
Hi All,

Here is a list of 35 bass guitar chords created by Mel Bay, beside which I placed the chords converted to base 12 notation, and then the chords converted to base 2 notation, in latter 2015.

I've placed red disks on the 6 keys per octave belonging to the C whole-tone scale, and green disks on the 6 keys that belong to the G (C#) whole-tone scale, on my piano keys. The list of base 12 chords in red and green reproduces the layout that I see on my piano.

Note the simplicity of the binary output, base 2, which I call for now the 'visual-binary notation', because the '.' skips to the note of the next color, exactly as happens on a bi-tonal piano layout.

The treatment of chords is an important topic. I did not expect to discover a binary chord notation when I set out to describe chords using base 12, that is the integers from 0 to 11 semitones. The fact that one was waiting in the wings indicates that this is the right path to be on.

The four question marks indicate unknowns in need of research.

My previous contributions were criticized with gusto, to my great benefit in the end. So feel free.

I will be showing you my piano layouts soon. Including drawings in full black and white bi-tonal layout.

Whatever rights I possess in the 'base 12 notation' and the 'base 2 notation' I give to the public domain so that all can use these notations freely and unhampered by proprietary claims.

Seeing no one has created a new topic since the spam was deleted from the forum, I could no longer resist giving you something to ponder about from my more recent conversion work to bases 12 and 2.

I removed "h.t.t.p://" from the URLs given by photobucket.com, and the two pictures were accepted !!


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