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Time signature for this song?

Posted by goblind1 
Time signature for this song?
January 03, 2017 05:09AM
Hello all of you people, I'm Daniel and I'm pretty new to the forum.

Im trying to put on paper this piece but it's not beeing as easy as I thought it'd be.
As soon as you hear the piano and the bass you could think of 2 bars of 3/4, or since most of the chords are played six times you could go for a 6/4. But once the drums take part you hear the polyrythm. So, listening to the drums and setting it to be the ground of it all, it sounds to me as a 11/8 bar since it's 5.5 quarter notes per cycle. The problem is when I put 11/8 as the time signature, I can't find the way to make those 6 piano/bass notes to fill an entire bar.

That's my train of thought, feel free to change it and have it your own way. Any help would be very much appreciated.
Thank you.
Re: Time signature for this song?
March 29, 2017 07:16AM
Old post, I realize, but my suggestion is to put the chords and melody in 3/4 with a time signature change near the end where the keyboards change rhythm. For the drum, in the beginning part just put a note in the score saying to improvise in whatever time signature you think he's tying to play in. To my ear he's not playing in any connected or consistent way at all, at least not until the end where the keyboard changes rhythm.

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