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Orchestral make up

Posted by jamesnnnnn 
Orchestral make up
May 26, 2017 06:35PM
For the last few months I am trying to create my orchestral tracks, but I would always fail for to me unknown or known reason.
Let me explain, I always start from piano.
Having chord and melody, i use bass put it on bass, put root on cellos, add syncopated notes to fill everything around, I create percussion, i add very high low volume violins moving up down to add more high freqs and atmosphere into the track.
Now problem comes when I have to add more things...
I don't know if its prohibited to add track into the questions, but I don't know how to explain without it
sound cloud.com/jmser/tryit
As you can hear my track starts as I explained movable strings, and than when it comes to 0:24, the disaster is starting, I tried to introduce this melody with articulations as martele, staccato, spiccato, marcato seems similar to what my brain works was with sustains (sound cloud.com/jmser/tryit-version-2), but actually I want to have some kind of movable track without sustain patches in it, and mostly without legato romantic slow things, I want it to jump around like crazy, in epic style.
Also, how do I fill up track more to get more rich harmony, fuller background?
As I used violins 1 for one melody, violins 2 for zig zag moves, cellos for rhytm spiccato, basses for spiccato, the most i can repeat arew violins 1 one more time to work as divisi for new melody, than i have to introduce brass too, and basically there comes problem with articulations (choosing them), with filling up the song (getting more rich harmony), and I think problem is not with melody or some theory things, not even in ranges of instruments, i think its pretty fine, but again you do say, and help me?
Thanks, James.
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