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Orchestral make up

Posted by jamesnnnnn 
Orchestral make up
May 26, 2017 06:35PM
For the last few months I am trying to create my orchestral tracks, but I would always fail for to me unknown or known reason.
Let me explain, I always start from piano.
Having chord and melody, i use bass put it on bass, put root on cellos, add syncopated notes to fill everything around, I create percussion, i add very high low volume violins moving up down to add more high freqs and atmosphere into the track.
Now problem comes when I have to add more things...
I don't know if its prohibited to add track into the questions, but I don't know how to explain without it
sound cloud.com/jmser/tryit
As you can hear my track starts as I explained movable strings, and than when it comes to 0:24, the disaster is starting, I tried to introduce this melody with articulations as martele, staccato, spiccato, marcato seems similar to what my brain works was with sustains (sound cloud.com/jmser/tryit-version-2), but actually I want to have some kind of movable track without sustain patches in it, and mostly without legato romantic slow things, I want it to jump around like crazy, in epic style.
Also, how do I fill up track more to get more rich harmony, fuller background?
As I used violins 1 for one melody, violins 2 for zig zag moves, cellos for rhytm spiccato, basses for spiccato, the most i can repeat arew violins 1 one more time to work as divisi for new melody, than i have to introduce brass too, and basically there comes problem with articulations (choosing them), with filling up the song (getting more rich harmony), and I think problem is not with melody or some theory things, not even in ranges of instruments, i think its pretty fine, but again you do say, and help me?
Thanks, James.
Re: Orchestral make up
July 04, 2017 05:18PM
I listened to the first track you posted. First, I think you have way too much reverb - which is softening your percussive punctuation and staccato notes. You might try something like an ambient hall.

At 0:24, as you indicated, you add the tertiary elements of your song idea. You've already established a moving bass and a melody. Yet neither has its own harmony. One way to "fill up" your song is to add harmonies to these parts that don't necessarily have to be counterpoint. Your tertiary elements are offering counterpoint. You might consider thirds and sixths, but too much parallelism may become cloying. So mix it up with other intervals as your ear hears it.

Another aspect may be instrument balance. Perhaps your tertiary elements - which sound more legato - are too loud? Also, don't forget to adjust the pan of your instruments to aid in separation. Using less reverb will also help this. I've also seen it recommended to increase reverb for instruments that might be positioned to the rear of the orchestra, and less reverb for more forward placed instruments - though I have never tried this technique.

One other idea to consider is placement of your various melodies in terms of range. Which melody do you want to dominate? Are you overlapping ranges or getting their notes so close together that their distinction becomes mired?

Anyway, those are just some thoughts I had. I hope you are able to capture what you hear in your head.

-- LowNote
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