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song analysis of "Spies" by "Coldplay"

Posted by armansrsa 
song analysis of "Spies" by "Coldplay"
July 20, 2017 03:44AM
Hello. I am a bit stuck in a part of this song and was wondering if somebody here was up to helping me out with the music theory part of this song. I understand most of the song but in the bridge (not sure actually if it is the bridge actually) there is a part that is confusing me.

But first, I have files I would like to share, is it possible to share these?
Re: song analysis of "Spies" by "Coldplay"
July 20, 2017 06:52AM
Just provide the links to the files you would like to share, but make sure to remove "h.t.t.p://" from the links firstĀ­.
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