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Very simple rhythm question for Reaper

Posted by daft_dude 
Very simple rhythm question for Reaper
July 25, 2017 10:16AM
Hi there. I am currently using the Reaper DAW and am running into lots of pleasant hurdles that are helping me to learn how to better use it as my playing is better than my DAW skills

I am in 4/4 at 80bpm and for three beats wrote a riff that is 5 notes per beat and the last beat 4 notes per beat. The problem is that I don't want the 4 note part to slow down for that space in time and I don't want a small gap of silence at the end. This must be something to do with editing the time signature just for that beat?

So I want one beat reduced by a 1/5th of it's time without changing tempo.

Many thanks, not sure what to google to be honest.

Re: Very simple rhythm question for Reaper
July 26, 2017 04:51AM
I am going to 5/20 and then 4/20 and see if that works?
Re: Very simple rhythm question for Reaper
July 26, 2017 04:59AM
Yup it worked a treat. In case someone has the same idea. I took my note value which was quintuplets (5 notes per beat) then multiplied that by 4 for the bar which is 20th notes. Then had the first number with how many notes I was going to play for each beat.

So still 80bpm

3 beats of 5/20 as my time signature
1 beat of 4/20 as my time signature

It fit perfectly but it sounds a bit hectic so in my opinion you need to set the volume of the first click a fair but louder than the others to really accent it.
Re: Very simple rhythm question for Reaper
July 26, 2017 05:06AM
Just also quickly realised if you look at this like a ratio you can simplify the numbers which is less chaotic sounding with the metronome.

So 3 beats of 5/20 becomes 3 beats of 1/4

1 beat of 4/20 becomes 2/10 and halves again becomes 1/5.

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