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Modulation Question / Analysis Request

Posted by squishygear 
Modulation Question / Analysis Request
July 25, 2017 12:31PM

I've written a small piece of music that seems to work (to my ears anyway), but I can't quite figure out how or whether it "works theoretically" and how I would even conceptualize it. It's over three chords and uses some outside playing. For the sake of keeping it simple:

Chord 1: F major with occasional Bs, giving it a Lydian flavor
Chord 2: A (or C or D# or F#) diminished 7th chord
Chord 3: B major with occasional Gs, giving it a harmonic major flavor

So it's a diminished 7th chord bridging two major chords a tritone apart.

I guess what I want to ask is : Do these chords work together theoretically?

With some of the outside notes not mentioned above, I feel like leading tones are driving it, but harmonically the most sense I can make of it is that it's common tone modulation at play.

From what I understand about diminished 7th chords, B major is not a typical resolution from any of the inversions and the diminished 7th chord is not in any of the harmonic minor keys derived from either F major or F Lydian.
Re: Modulation Question / Analysis Request
July 27, 2017 07:24PM
Well the F lydian is unresolved or unsettled by it's very nature, so it's happy to go whereever. To an A full diminished? Fine.

More interesting to me is the Adim7 to B(b13). Throwing in this G note, along with the B and it's third, D#, strongly pull my ear toward an E minor/major7 - which I have a hunch is really what you might be hearing. The fifth of B, F#, is a very weak note here. And an Adim7, or perhaps better called a D#dim7, nicely resolves to the E minor/major7, which itself is at rest.

So I'm inclined to suggest your chord progression is Fmaj7(#11) / D#dim7 (or if you prefer, B7(b9)) / Emin/maj7.

That's my initial thinking anyway.
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