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Symmetry foundations.of.melody?

Posted by Athair 
Symmetry foundations.of.melody?
September 03, 2017 08:26AM
Hi; ive been analysing.a couple of pop.songs and seemed to find out (mainly by means of a counterpoint framework) that melody rests upon symmetric patterns of the sort of those question-response features: for instance, the melody line over a compass would rest upon a pair of skips of opposite direction within a.given interval (i.e: I-VI-VI-I; that is the symmetric issue: the first skip upward and the second downward, or viceversa for example).

I wonder up to what degree such device could be a general one in music, etc.

What do you think? Any comment would be great; greetings
Re: Symmetry foundations.of.melody?
September 03, 2017 09:33PM
I think the device could certainly be a general one, but it may not lead to a better sounding melody. The risks of too much symmetry are redundancy and predictability. More so, the symmetry you seek may be in a set of notes that forms a melodic statement - that then gets repeated again later, using different notes but similar intervals, or that gets inverted or reversed. Parallel phrases.

It may be that the breaking of such a symmetry or parallelism is what wrests our ear from complacency. There are certainly a number of popular songs that repeat themselves ad nauseam - at least for my taste. =C
Re: Symmetry foundations.of.melody?
September 03, 2017 10:34PM
Thanks! I would indeed say that a valuable approach could be starting from.symmetry and later on departing.from it
Personally i.found symmetry an elementary yet useful.tool.to come up with either a melody or.melody structure, in particular when out-of-inspiration melodies are not at hand at a given moment. Greetings!
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