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"Dm C Bdim7 (Bm7b5) Bb" Chord Progression

Posted by okkaaung 
"Dm C Bdim7 (Bm7b5) Bb" Chord Progression
February 02, 2018 12:35AM
Hi All,

I am a new member and glad to be part of this awesome forum.

I have been thinking about the progression . Dm C B Bb. I have found a handful of songs from my country and internationally, Green Day's "Hitching a ride".

I'd like to dig further on this like,

1. Any songs with the same progression?
2. Genre? (My local 2 songs are like bluesy)
3. Scales ( I think Natural Minor & Dorian)
4. Any theories like the Name of the Scale or stuffs

Thank you guys. My name is Okka from Burma.
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