chord progression question - One flight Down N. Jones
April 09, 2018 10:25AM
Hi all,

first post here :-) and not very proficient in music theory ...

I am trying to learn One flight down by Norah Jone on the piano.
I believe it is in Db and the first chords go like this (from official songbook):
Db | Ab7 over C | Bb |
Ebm7 | Gbm9 (Maj7) over A | Ab9 sus 4 | Ab | Db | Abm7b5 over D |
Ebm7 | Ab | Db | Ab | Db | Ab |

I am trying to understand the chord progression and thought it was going like I - vii - but then if the Bb is the vi of the key then it should be minor right? And Gb should be V and therefore major?
Can anyone help me understand the chord progression?


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