Transposing from an A Clarinet to a Bb Clarinet
July 23, 2018 04:07AM

Not too sure if this is where this question should go, but here goes-

I am soon to be playing in a concert where I will be required to play an A clarinet part on my Bb clarinet.

The part that I am playing is in B-flat major (two flats) for the A clarinet part. I have pondered over this for a while, coming to several different conclusions, because I have little to no experience in transposition, so my question is, what do I do to the key and the note pitch- I have many different things, like you just move each note down by a tone, but cannot find anything on the key, and don't have time to attend transposition classes to find out.

Hopefully, someone can enlighten me (if I have been clear enough!)
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