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Noob question here

Posted by jacky 
Noob question here
October 02, 2018 06:14AM

I just started learning about music theory. i was studying a random edm track and figured out that the scale was Bb major. As the "A" triad in Bb scale is a diminished chord it didnt sound right in the progression. I changed it to Am and it sounded exactly the same as used in the track.. is this something related to using modes that ables him to change the A from diminished to minor or its just a matter of what sounds good to the ear .. Thanks.
Re: Noob question here
October 02, 2018 12:39PM
I'm a beginner myself, but it seems like this was a Bb Lydian mode that produces:

Bb D F, Bb Major
C E G, C Major
D F A, D Minor
E G B, E Minor
F A C, F Major
G B D, G Major
A C E, A Minor

The "step pattern" for Bb Lydian is W W W H W W H.
Re: Noob question here
October 22, 2018 10:22AM
I don't claim to be knowledgeable with music theory and have had no formal education in that subject. That said, I would expect the 5 to be flatted for the fourth Lydian chord. That is, I believe the Em should actually be Edim.
Re: Noob question here
November 04, 2018 10:55PM
for say chord I is B♭major and chord vii is A minor
meaning guaranteed B♭& guaranteed E♮.

given this information, we think that F major has B♭but no E♭, instead having E♮. We observe that the equivalence of F major starting on 4^ is B♭lydian.

now, here is a summary of all 7 diatonic chords of B♭lydian - found from I to vii:

I - B♭major - B♭, D , F
II - C major - C , E , G
iii - D minor - D , F , A
iv° - E diminished - E , G , B♭
V - F major - F , A , C
vi - G minor - G , B♭, D
vii - A minor - A , C , E
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