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Naming/Identifying 13th Chords

Posted by ohdearme 
Naming/Identifying 13th Chords
July 07, 2019 07:33PM
Hello Everybody

When can I call a chord a thirteenth.please?

C6 for example C-E-G A. Quite easy to understand. Yet what about C-E-G-Bb D or C-E-G-Bb-F-A? My question is, what notes can I leave out
and still call it a thirteenth?

My guitar only has six strings, (Little joke)

Besides does all this have to be so precise? The chord identifying websites, Gootar, Scales-chords, 8notes etc. seem to be, how should I put it?

Greetings to all.
Re: Naming/Identifying 13th Chords
August 25, 2019 12:56AM
assuming you have a perfect chord, for instance I (I-III-V), and some melody-section starting in any of the perfect-chord notes (for instance, the Major 3rd...III): lets say the I chord plus the melody-section cast a Tonic functionality (that is,within the scale' degrees set I, IV, V, it relates to degree I...); then later on you might want to write a new melodic-section related to, for instance degree IV (sub-dominant functionality): then, in some cases you might avoid turning into chord IV and, instead, choose to add some non-chord tones to former degree chord (that is I), in which case you could have a slightly different framework casting the same (or almost the same) melodic-section (the one following the former). The non-chord tones (as many as you needed in each case) would be not at all different in essence to so-called "suspended-notes", working harmonically-melodically in the way said before. greetings
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