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Analysis of Rock and Roll

Posted by MaryCrown 
Analysis of Rock and Roll
December 23, 2019 06:44AM
Analysis of Rock and Roll
Rock and roll appeared in the 1950s combining different African American musical styles with appropriate rhythms based either on black or white forms. It had a huge cultural impact on lifestyle, language, and fashion, as well as contributed to the presence of equal civil rights between African Americans and white Americans.
Rock and roll was incredibly popular and had a great success among youth, but, unfortunately, some important facts caused the decline of this musical genre. During that period, the most famous musical leaders, who belonged to this style, provided the rush development of rock ‘n’ roll all over the world. However, a range of strange events led to the transformation of rock and roll into other future styles. For instance, those events concerned the death of Buddy Holly, and Jerry Lee Lewis’s scandal based on his disgraceful decision to marry his thirteen-year-old cousin. Besides, Elvis Presley joined the army, Little Richard converted to Christianity, along with other occasions that totally undermined the existence of rock ‘n’ roll.
In the 1960s, other popular musical styles began to develop in order to take rock and roll’s place. Soul, surf, pop and forward-thinking rock music genres were considered as a main commercial force that influenced the importance and innovations of the technical developments containing the electronic sound treatment. Instrumental music with existent girl vocal groups attracted the audience more and more causing a crazy boom, new revolution. Namely, love and peace became the main topics of the songs excepting @#$%&, alcohol and sex. Thus, music turned into an essential part of the daily life, especially after it being used in some television commercials. Numerous bands recorded their albums to get much money, and most of them really had a very high income. However, nowadays, it is hard to find similar youth movements; and even if some exist, they do not earn any commercial profit because it is not popular to listen to all those kinds of music.
Summing up, rock and roll played an important part in African Americans and white Americans’ culture, uniting their traditions and interests in the musical rhythms, which reflected liberty and freedom. Today, some people believe that rock and roll continues its existence.

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