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Chord Scale

Posted by evo 
Chord Scale
June 19, 2020 03:47AM
If I am in C Major.
The 2nd chord Dm.
What is the chord scale of Dm. Is it D Dorian?
Re: Chord Scale
June 22, 2020 12:50PM
Hi; i guess the answer would be: assuming you are in C-Major and the mode related to that (major) key to be Jonian, then yes, you would have Dm dorian; Em Phrigian; FM Lydian, GM Mixolydian; Em Eolian and Bm° Locrian.

The point could be made that a C-Major Key need not be always related to a Jonian (major) mode; you could have, for instance, a C-Major Key related to an either Lydyan or Mixolidian mode, in which case you would have Dm turned to be DMajor (with mixolydian mode-scale attached); and Dm.with Eolian mode-scale attached (in the second case). Greetings.

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