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Autumn leaves music sheet

Posted by Athair 
Autumn leaves music sheet
August 13, 2020 12:34PM
Hi! Anyone has a music sheet of "Autumn leaves" (it could be a link to a website; etc)? Thanks
Re: Autumn leaves music sheet
September 14, 2020 02:53PM
Hi Athair,

I googled *a music sheet of "Autumn leaves"* and found dozens of sites. Sheet music is a paying industry. There are many free sites as well, such as


I downloaded 2 versions for free, by Steve Jarrett and Johnny Mercer, from this site.

But these are too complicated for me, and would require days of work to decipher.

I've improved my 'entirely visual staff' in such a way that every section of a melody can have its own base line, thus making it nearly as compact as the regular staff, which is a compression 2-1 of the white and front half of the piano keyboard. The white half is the basis of the visual staff, slightly improved to identify notes C and F, and therefore all other notes, at a glance. Goodbye sharps and flats, accidentals, signatures ... and all the rules and memory demands they entail.
Re: Autumn leaves music sheet
September 16, 2020 08:52AM
Thank you Fluo!! Ill take a look to those links; and also congratulations for your technique improvements (perhaps you could make some videoclip showing the two systems and the main differences between them). Greetings
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