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New Scale, not based on the Octave

Posted by arithmo 
New Scale, not based on the Octave
January 25, 2021 09:06PM
I hope this video could be of interest to this audience
---English Subtitles. HD---

New Musical Scale, not based on the Octave.
Conconance. New concept


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Re: New Scale, not based on the Octave
February 04, 2021 07:21PM
Video Description:

*Time: 0:00 - 17:28 *
Brief description on all the myths and capricious decrees that supported "music theory" since the time of Pythagoras up to now, (of course, if we may use the words "music theory", because for consonance ideas to become a true Theory they must be founded on a solid scientific base, which has not been the case since the creation of the first musical scale).
Any musical scale must be constructed by the agency of a true Consonance Theory.
Difference between the pleasant effect of the Consonance of chords, and our particular preference for some melody and/or rhythm.
This video deals only with Consonance of chords which is a measurable physical phenomenon.

*Time: 17:28 - 21:14*
The importance of the interval 1-3 when compared to the Octave interval, when considering how to divide the whole dominion of sounds.

*Time: 21:15 - 28:37*
Description of the Modulator-Carrier equation for any two-sound chord.
Comparison between the chords 2:1 and 3:1.
How to estimate the number amplitude peaks of the resultant wave of any two-sound chord.
More amplitude peaks and amplitude variations mean more effort and an unpleasant sensation for the ears.
Some brief comments on the Temporal Resolution and the Temporal Modulation Function.
Comments on the Modulator-Carrier equation for chords with any number of sounds.

*Time: 28:38 - 33:34*
Brief description on the creation of a Dissonance Index based on the Modulator-Carrier equation, the number of peaks and amplitude variations (including the Modulation effect), as previously described.
Determination of the most consonant two-sound chords within the interval 1-3

*Time: 33:35 - 35:04*
The new Scale: El Tríplice.

*Time: 35:05 - End*
Final comments on other contents of the Book: ‘Aulos. La Otra Luz. El Haz en Fuga’
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