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Direct/Hidden 5th

Posted by abdulrahman 
Direct/Hidden 5th
October 15, 2022 04:44AM
Hi guys,

I know that to find Direct/Hidden 5th we need to check 3 conditions:
1. Leap in Soprano
2. Soprano and Bass in Similar Motion
3. Resulting in harmonic 5th or 8th

But , I was discussing with a friend one of my 1st species (only 2 voices) and he mentioned that I have an error called Stepwise Direct 5th "Personally, I never heard about it before".
So he says Stepwise Direct 5th appears in : Bass: goes from (B to D) and simultaneously Soprano: goes from (G to A) .

As you see there is no leap here in soprano, why is this considered as error?

thank you.
Re: Direct/Hidden 5th
October 19, 2022 02:20PM
Hi; perhaps the rule prevented to move towards a 5th interval through a combination of movements of the same kind: in the given example, both voices move upwards; a different approach would be that of each voice moving in contrary motion respective to the other (one goes up &and the other down or viceversa); greetings
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