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i need help

Posted by im a person 
im a person
i need help
August 22, 2005 06:35PM
okay so i went in to the emusic theroy .com thing and any way i tried really hard to get the notes but i really cannot read notes. and i tried to go to the practice but i could not doit on there either, because no one has tought me any thig about these notes thingys. so if any one can help me that would be great plezzz e-mail me back!!!!
im a person
Re: i need help
August 25, 2005 08:09PM
I have a few suggestions -- first off, the drills here are definitely tough if you don't already know the answers, or know how to figure them out. The main purpose of the drills is really to get you from figuring out notes really slowly to just knowing the answer instantly.

You should try out the Interactive exercises -- these don't test you, they just give you the answers. For example, try out "Note names". You can click on the music staff to hear the note (and see its name), or you can click a note's name to see the notes on the music staff.

I'd also recommend the Lessons at [www.musictheory.net] - there are some good tutorials there that should help you out.

The best way is probably always to find a teacher (privately, or at school), but this isn't possible for everyone.

Good luck!

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