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trouble with sixteenth notes

Posted by dpr 
trouble with sixteenth notes
August 05, 2006 05:50PM
Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with this. It's mainly a rhythm question to do with sixteenths.

I'm a guitarist trying to understand guitar strum patterns and how to write them. I'm okay with everything except sixteenth notes.

For example, here is a picture of some strum patterns i'm having trouble writing:


The first one from the top is supposed to be: 1, 2, 3-a, e-and-a

The beats not to be strummed are in brackets. So with the beats not to be strummed it would be like this: 1, 2, 3-(e-and)-a, (4)-e-and-a

When i'm strumming the last three sixteenth notes, but not the first beat ("e-and-a" but not the "1"), how do I write this down? Does it just look like 3 sixteenth notes joined together? It looks wrong to me. Can someone tell me if I'm writing these down correctly? Help, please!

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Re: trouble with sixteenth notes
September 22, 2006 04:13PM
Hi, dpr --
Not sure if you'll see this response (so long after the original message...), but it looks like you need to put some rests in there. You can see the sixteenth-note rest here:

Exactly how to show the notes and rests... well, music notation is flexible; I've seen it different ways. You do want to group the notes and rests so your musicians don't get confused -- you can sort of bar the notes AND the rest together (extend the lines of the bar over the rest - don't connect it), or just bar the 3 notes (though that's a little confusing because it suggest an important group of THREE, when it's four).

Any notation experts around want to comment on the best option here?

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