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Changing to relative major when in a Minor key.

Posted by Ash 
Changing to relative major when in a Minor key.
October 26, 2006 07:38AM
Hey, I'm having a bit of trouble with a song I'm working on.

The intro to the song is Dm Bb C which works fine on its own.

Then the verse chords are

(D minor inversion with a minor 2nd in it) D A D F E

(Bb major inversion with major 2nd I believe) Bb F Bb D E


(and another Bb major inversion I think which is (Bb F Bb F A)

so Dm Bb G5 Bb

and then the chorus switches key to the realtive major (F major) I think

the chords are |Bb| (Bb F Bb F A) |Dm| (D A D F A) |F| (F C F C F)

|Bb| (Bb F Bb F A)

Now these progressions in theory should go together alright, but they sound a bit weird one after the other, I'm not sure of the best way to change key from Dm to F.

Sorry if I havent been very clear, any help is appreciated.


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