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Help with pitch recognition

Posted by Meghan 
Help with pitch recognition
May 29, 2007 12:23PM
Um, well the subject says it all. I need help with that, and sight reading. I know practicing sight reading helps, but is there anything else?
Re: Help with pitch recognition
June 10, 2007 01:48PM
I would say the best way to train your ear is to learn solfegio (do re mi fa...). It's a really helpful tool and it truly opens your ears. There are some websites that help (www.good-ear.com) but I would recommend just getting a book on it. I did a year and a half of ear training in college and can definitely vouch for it's usefulness. Good luck!

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Re: Help with pitch recognition
October 08, 2007 09:08AM
I don't know if you're wondering about learning relative pitch or are talking about absolute pitch, but I'll just try to explain how I personally recognize a pitch. Basically, what happens when I hear a given tone is that my mind recalls (subconsciously) some song that begins with that same tone, and then, obviously, I know what pitch it is. For example, I would probably recognize an E because it's the first note of Fur Elise, which I've been hearing (and playing) since childhood and is so deeply embedded to the point that the notes to that song (and a whole repertoire of others) have become, in a manner of speaking, "absolute" in my mind. I imagine this is a 'trick' that other people might be able to use seeing as I don't really have absolute pitch (I'm pretty sure I would know it if I did; I get confused with chords and notes played in fast sequence; and I can't tell for the life of me whether a car horn is honking in F#, Bb or whatever.)

As for sight reading, I don't know what else could help but practice. I mean, I can't think of what "tricks" there could possibly be. Am I wrong that, logically, the only way to learn to sight read is by looking at music and, well, reading it? Of course, you've got to obviously know the keys and what the notes are on the staves. Other than looking at the music and playing it, what else could you do...

Hope you find what you are looking for. GL.
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