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Inversions of diminished and augmented chords

Posted by Ed 
Inversions of diminished and augmented chords
August 23, 2007 07:58PM
Given a specific diminished 7th chord, how do you determine whether it is in root position or an inversion? Ditto for augmented chord.

In my (probably oversimplified) view, the first inversion of a C dim 7 would be an Eb dim 7; and the second inversion would be a Gb dim 7.

So I can't tell the difference between an Eb dim 7 in root position, vs a C dim 7 in first inversion. However, the chord drill on this site makes a distinction.

I have the same problem with augmented chords. I don't see a difference between C aug in first inversion vs E aug in root position, but the chord drill makes a distinction.

I'd be grateful if anyone can explain.



Re: Inversions of diminished and augmented chords
August 30, 2007 06:20AM

hi quite simply, the root of any Dim7th orAug 7th chord is it's name ie. C-Eb-Gb is CDim 7th,---B-D-F,IS BDim7th cappice? as is C-E-G# Caug5th and E-G#-C is Eaug 5th and so on right up or down the piano , or any instrument!there is no mystery about it. hope this helps-ask me more
Re: Inversions of diminished and augmented chords
August 30, 2007 06:29AM
Hi , Ishould have mentioned that one does not commonly invert Aug5th chords, or Dim chords of any kind owing to their closely repeating natures, it's just not practical or neccessary Hope you understand
Re: Inversions of diminished and augmented chords
August 30, 2007 06:49AM
Come on ,ask me anything you like about conventional chords and/or harmony, and i promise to give you an answer devoid of all big worded and technical gunge except where it it absolutely essential, you, or anyone would rapidly learn more than you could ever imagine, as long as you follow my reasonings, and preferably use a piano type instrument, as opposed to a guitar which is a most difficult instrument to learn harmony on, because, you have to strap it on to try the most elementary of positions,and you only have the markers on the fingerboard to guide you. The piano is a blessedly simple instument in comparison!!
Re: Inversions of diminished and augmented chords
August 31, 2007 01:31AM
Sorry! Sorry! Sorry, my last email is wrong, the principal remains the same, but the Dim. chords in my examples were 1/2 diminished NOT Dim 7ths, which are 4 note chords Like-----C-Eb-Gb-A is a C dim 7th chord- and, as I said before, you do not have to learn any stuff about inverting Diminished chords of any type, or Augmented 5ths.you simply name the chord whatever note is the root, or bass even!
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