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Much thanks to YOU - CONTROLLED LABS!!!

Posted by zonejaan1541 
Much thanks to YOU - CONTROLLED LABS!!!
April 13, 2016 04:10AM
Much thanks to YOU - CONTROLLED LABS!!!

This is going to be my PURPLE Psyko log

Alright So I am 39, 170lbs ( today ! simply hit my objective)

ive been attempting to lose some fat, going to cancun one week from now!!

So i have been exceptionally inspired, and i plan to bring that through the spring

i eat perfect, around 2100c a day 276p is my objective, lower carbs

im up to around 2 ladies of water a day

i workout no less than 4 days a week, and recently i have been getting some cardio in around evening time for the most part turn biking

i am doing around 3 practices when i workout attempting to go heavier and stay in a lower rep range

i have not seen the sort of improvement i might want and trust it has recently been my eating routine

so i am eager to run some purple psyko and perceive how it can help me enhance my exercise center execution Zynev

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